Hira Hosen - Ascension Workshops

Ride your Lotus

Date & Time

Sun, Jun 11 2023 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

(UTC timezone)


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Real-time, interactive, online guided meditations by HiRa Hosèn


Our earth has ascended in 2012 and we’ve moved into the Golden Age ✨ As a human collective, it’s now time to coCreate a new world ✨ With all the spiritual electricity becoming available, we're invited as groups to come together to channel stream and spread this clear light ✨

During our online RIDE YOUR LOTUS© classes, we'll connect with our inner Source and go in a deep meditative state. Every class has different Ascension Activations. Source might guide us to call in the new earth timelines, remembering and activating the source and light-codes in our individual and collective DNA, and in other classes we'll be working with ascension columns (pillars of light), ascension flames, core-fear-matrix removals, and many other effective ascension tools by ways of guided meditations. Let's see what comes through our collective energies of Presence ✨

The results are direct and strong. Many participants have reported "a heat", "a buzzing", and a "healing energy" ✨ pouring into their crown chakra's and bodies in the moment of class, in the replay, and in the days following the classes.


For those unable to attend in real time, there will be replays available without time limit. Participants have shared that the replay can even be stronger than the actual real time classes.


For all 'Ride your Lotus' classes, feel free to check out our dates and times on this website here.


The interactive webinar lasts minimum 1 hour and a half, max. 2 hours. At the end, there will be a possibility to ask questions and/or share your experiences, as you wish.


Price per class: €22. You can also book a package of 5 classes, and receive one class for free for €88-


Best is to choose to book directly through PayPal and/or credit card on this current page: https://www.rideyourlotus.com, where you'll receive an automatic confirmation email with all the log-in details, including last minute sign-ups.

If the above option doesn't work, due to the settings of your device or your log-in country, you can also directly pay the €22/€88 fee through: https://www.paypal.me/hirahosen. In this case, HiRa has to add you manually to the event, so if you're signing up last minute through this link, we cannot guarantee your participation. However you may choose to do the replay, or be added to the next Lotus Ride. HiRa will contact you in the days following your payment, so no worries!

Feel free to contact us directly via our website http://tantraoftheheart.com if you wish to go through bank transfers and/or other means of payment.



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I'm Hira, welcome :-) This page is all about raising our frequency. Let's coCreate the new paradigm, embodying ascension while having a lot of fun!